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Welcome to Andante – the European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations!

unknownThe European Sunday Alliance welcomes Andante - the European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations as a new member! Andante was founded in May 2006 as an alliance of 17 Catholic women’s organisations in eleven European countries. Andante seeks to be a Catholic women’s voice and to be an actor in building a living Europe that works for the common good and shows a more human face to Europe and the world. Its role is to inform, to consult, to coordinate and to represent. The European Sunday Alliance is looking forward to cooperating with Andante. For further information about the new member:


Europeans, are you ready for Action ?

Sunday 3 March 2013


In these difficult times of economic insecurity too many workers and employers are coming under pressure and our society overlooks the importance of free time and the participation of citizens in society. With regard to the current retrenchment of social policies, it is important to make our voice for decent work rhythms heard! Sports clubs, family events or civil society organizations: Citizenship deserves time! The European Sunday Alliance reminds all members and supporters to also take action this year on Sunday, 3 March 2013, as the European Day for a Work-free Sunday. Check our special action page.

Recently founded ‘Sunday Alliance Switzerland’ joins the European Sunday Alliance!

07 November 2012

unknownGood news from Switzerland! On 13 June 2012 the Sunday Alliance Switzerland was founded. The Alliance for a work-free Sunday in Switzerland was initiated by the trade union Unia which is already a member of the ESA. Its members include various church organisations, trade unions (both Christian and non-Christian), women’s associations, political parties and medical organisations (specialising in occupational medicine). The organisations stated at the press conference in June 2012 that Sunday “shall not be sacrificed for economic interests. It needs to be protected as...  Read more

New support of the Alliance

18 September 2012

unknownThe Alliance is glad to welcome among its supporters MEP Evelyn Regner (Austria),  from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D). In the European Parliament, she is Vice-Chair in the JURI Committee on Legal Affairs and Substitute in the EMPL Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.

In Austria Ms Regner is Member of the ÖGB (Austrian Trade Union Federation) Executive Board.

World day for Decent Work: Call for Action/ YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT

7 October 2012



The repercussions of the crisis are catastrophic for young people: Finding a job is becoming almost impossible... and finding a good job is a stroke of luck. The quality of the contracts offered to young people provides no guarantee of a secure and stable position in the labour market, which strongly influences their personal and family lives.


unknownTherefore, the Alliance calls on members, supporters and all citizens to make the WORLD DAY FOR DECENT WORK visible on 7 October 2012! >Read more


New member from Italy

17 September 2012

unknownWe welcome our new member from Italy ! Confesercenti della Provincia di Allessandria is a Provincial Business organisation for commerce, tourism, services and crafts as well as small-medium sized businesses (SMB). It represents the interests of  SMBs in the north-west Italian Province Alessandria. Founded in Rome in 1971, its national association is one of the leading business organisations in Italy. It represents over 270,000 businesses from commerce, tourism, services and crafts as well as from among small-medium sized businesses (SMB) of industry, capable of providing employment for over 800,000 people. Their common mission is to facilitate the work of SMBs through cooperation and capacity-building while stressing the contribution of the small- and medium scale companies for the Italian economy. Confesercenti della Provincia di Alessandria is already engaged as strong advocator for a work-free Sunday.

A website on young people's activites for a Sunday

June 2012

unknownLabelled as “Kolping Youth is making Sunday” (“Kolpingjugend macht Sonntag”), the participating adolescents compiled a website to share their ideas for a perfect day at the end of the week. Subdivided into the following three categories “Sunday through faith and church”, “Sunday for you and me”, and “Sunday for the society and politics” interested youth groups can find useful background information, such as several citations of German laws on Sunday protection, but also creative drawings from a painting contest as well as concepts for youth Masses and group meetings on a Sunday. The aim of the young people is to highlight the importance of Sunday as the weekly day of rest for society while at the same time providing youth groups with creative and inspiring input for their meetings. Read more

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