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Kinberger Thom
06.08 2012 - Empl rep
Austria is one of the founding members of the ESA, but at the central station in salzburg we have a new special regulation for a supermarket, open on sunday until 11.00 p.m.! They offer much more than food for the journey, it`s illegal in this form (the use over the approved 80m²) and against...
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BELGIUM/ 8 December 2011

"Human Work, a way out of the Crisis ?"

The Compostella Group invites you to the high-level round table on work, to be held at the European Economic and Social Committee on 8 December 2011, thirty years on from the publication of the social encyclical letter Laborem exercens.

BELGIUM/ 21 September 2011

Conference on Laborem Exercens@ European Parliament

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the social encyclical letter Laborem Exercens, the EPP Group, the S&D Group and COMECE invite to a Conference on LABOREM EXERCENS The central place of Human Work for the European Social Market Economy.

BELGIUM/ 17 October 2011

FAFCE Conference on the contribution of “invisible work” to the creation of wealth

In the framework of the European Year of Volunteering and with regard to the recommendations of the Stiglitz report, the findings of the recent OECD report Cooking, Caring and Volunteering: Unpaid Work Around the World, and the EESC Opinions SOC/243, SOC/366 et SOC/399, the FAFCE organises a conference under the sponsorship of Group III of the European Economic and Social Committee on the contribution of « invisible work » to the creation of wealth – an added value to the social cohesion.

GERMANY/ 3 July 2011

"1.000 tables action" to celebrate the Sunday off

We support the action „1000 tables“:On Sunday, 3 July will be in many places in Düsseldorf – in neighborhoods, on streets, in churches, on the Rhine, in parks, in clubhouses, sport facilities, …. people meet them with each other at more than 1.000 tables to celebrate the Sunday off.

BELGIUM/ 20 June 2011

Sunday Protection Expert Conference

Sunday Protection Expert Conference on Monday 20th June 2011, 11:00-18:00 at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

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Administrative Court of Bavaria


Business openings on Sunday will only be possible, if they are interesting enough by themselves to attract al large flow of visitors. Link to the judgement


Federal Constitutional Court of Germany


Content requirements of the Judgement of the Constitutional Court for the content of legal provisions, administrative enforcement, the official administrative punishment and the judicial defense of rights violations in the area of Sunday and holiday protection. Link to the Judgement




Labour court decides: A dismissal is not permitted if an employee denies working on Sunday.  A painter refused to do overtime work on Sunday for personal reasons. During the legal procedure, the employer could not prove the urgent operational necessity for work on Sunday. Link to the case

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