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D'Ambrosio Giulia
12.11 2012 - Associazione :COMMERCIOATTIVO- ITALIA
In Italia stiamo avviando una raccolta firme nazionale per difendere la domenica come giorno da dedicare alla propria vita.Abbiamo bisogno di aiuto ,di qualsiasi tipo.La Chiesa cattolica è con disponibili contattateci per e-mail.
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Legal victory for the protection of a work-free Sunday

Frankfurt sales forbidden by courts

The German alliance for a Free Sunday (which includes the ver.di trade union and the Catholic Employees Movement, KAB) has sued the city of Frankfurt, which had approved three Sunday sales. The courts confirmed the view of those in favour of a work-free Sunday and the sales were forbidden.

GERMANY: No Sunday shopping at Munich jubilee celebrations

18 May 2016

A judgement by the Bavarian Administrative Court declared that shops in the central area of Munich may not open on Sunday during the festival celebrating the foundation of the city.



FRANCE: French win 'right to disconnect' from out-of-hours work emails

9 January 2017

In France, employees will be guaranteed a right to disconnect and freedom from checking emails outside normal working hours.



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