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D'Ambrosio Giulia
12.11 2012 - Associazione :COMMERCIOATTIVO- ITALIA
In Italia stiamo avviando una raccolta firme nazionale per difendere la domenica come giorno da dedicare alla propria vita.Abbiamo bisogno di aiuto ,di qualsiasi tipo.La Chiesa cattolica è con disponibili contattateci per e-mail.
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GERMANY: No Sunday shopping at Munich jubilee celebrations

18 May 2016

A judgement by the Bavarian Administrative Court declared that shops in the central area of Munich may not open on Sunday during the festival celebrating the foundation of the city.



FRANCE: French win 'right to disconnect' from out-of-hours work emails

9 January 2017

In France, employees will be guaranteed a right to disconnect and freedom from checking emails outside normal working hours.



GERMANY: Münster residents vote down Sunday shopping

8 November 2016

In Münster, Westphalia, Germany, 300 000 residents voted against further opening of shops on specific Sundays of the year.



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