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06.08 2012 - Empl rep
Austria is one of the founding members of the ESA, but at the central station in salzburg we have a new special regulation for a supermarket, open on sunday until 11.00 p.m.! They offer much more than food for the journey, it`s illegal in this form (the use over the approved 80m²) and against...
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On the 14th February, 2012, a clear majority of about two-third of the municipal Council in Freiburg voted against any shop opening on Sundays after a passionate debate. The subject of the rejected bill was to let shops open on one Sunday in October this year for five hours. It had been thought as a compensation for the loss in turnover that shops suffered last year on Saturday, 24th Septembre 2011 due to safety measures, when Pope Benedict XVI visited Freiburg. It would have been the first time that shops open on a Sunday in Freiburg, but the city has proved across all political groups that this reality is not undergoing a change currently.


Shops remain closed on Sundays in 2012 in several german cities. This is the result of the decisions in the municipal Councils that were taken recently in some german cities.

The German law allows the cities to fix up to four Sundays each year on which shops are allowed to open. It is a common practise to make of this opportunity in each district of one city seperately and on different Sundays so that it ends up easily with a dozen Sundays on which shops may open their doors.


text of the decision in PDF


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