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European Sunday Alliance


The European Sunday Alliance reminds all members and supporters to also take action this year on Sunday, 3 March 2013, as the EUROPEAN DAY FOR A WORK-FREE SUNDAY!

In these difficult times of economic insecurity too many workers and employers are coming under pressure and our society overlooks the importance of free time and the participation of citizens in society. With regard to the current retrenchment of social policies, it is important to make our voice for decent work rhythms heard!


Synchronization of working time: The current practises and legislation in EU- and Member States need to be improved. Synchronization of working time which includes the work-free Sunday is crucial. Only if this happens can health, safety and dignity of all citizens can be promoted. Only in this way will all citizens be able to reconcile their personal, family and professional life. Only by this is social cohesion guaranteed as it enables people to gather, employers and employees alike.


European Year of Citizens 2013: Whether it is for cultural enrichment or spiritual wellbeing or whether people attend church services, sports clubs, family events or civil society organizations: Citizenship deserves time! The work-free Sunday as well as synchronised working time are a clear and visible demonstration that people and our societies are not dependent solely on work and economy.


More than ever, in 2013, our Alliance calls on members, supporters and all citizens to make our common demand visible on Sunday on 3rd of March 2013!

What can YOU do ?

There are already Sunday Alliances in some EU Member States, which have had this tradition for a number of years. Whatever actions or political discussions you wish to organise will be up to each organisation to decide. The visibility of this special Sunday will not depend only on one ‘big event’ but also on innovative ideas and projects reflecting the local and regional culture and European traditions. This idea of a European Day on a work-free Sunday will grow from one year to the next.


> Send the Call:

Simply sending out the already helps to create awareness!

Download the Press Release in DeutschFrançaisItalianoNederlandsEnglishEspañolελληνικά

> Send the Press release:

Download the Press Release in DeutschFrançaisEnglishItalian

> Email, Facebook and Twitter the PICS of the 2013 Campaign:

Download the jpegs: Poster1Poster2Poster3Poster 4

> Take action:

Have a look and get inspired by the brave and acrobatic actions of last year !(see below).

For more ideas on possible action plans, please see for example: and

Look, they did it 😉

an incredible list of actions launched in Germany, press releases in France, etc. Take a look and get inspired:

-Germany: Aktionenliste

-France: FO trade union press release

Overview of the actions which took place in several EU Countries on 3 March 2013

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