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European Sunday Alliance


The European Sunday Alliance calls on all Members and Supporters to take action on 3 March 2015, as the EUROPEAN DAY FOR A WORK-FREE SUNDAY!

This year’s CALL FOR ACTION will focus on the European Commission’s current review of the Working Time Directive (2003/88/EC) and the online public consultation of the Directive. A public consultation is a tool used by the European Commission to gather insights and contributions from all citizens and organisations. It is now we have a chance to have our say!

The purpose of the Working Time Directive is to protect the health and safety of employees by setting down minimum standards, applicable throughout the EU, relating to working time regulations. The Directive applies to minimum periods of daily rest, weekly rest and annual leave, to breaks and maximum weekly working time and to certain aspects of night work and patterns of work.

However, we believe that the current working time directive does not adequately address the issue of balancing work and private life. Nor does it provide sufficient guarantee that workers across Europe can enjoy a common weekly day of rest. This makes it urgent to take an active role to ensure that EU citizens work life balance is protected and enhanced.

So act now and in the context of the review let’s together promote and re-integrate the Sunday as the common weekly day of rest within the EU and underline the importance of decent working conditions for all!


We believe: Competitiveness needs innovation, innovation needs creativity and creativity needs recreation!


We believe: Legislation and practices in place at the EU and Member State levels need to be more protective of the health, safety and dignity of everyone and should more attentively promote the balance between family and private life and work.


Report on the actions and press releases launched by our members and supporters on 3 March:




“4-M Domingo Libre: Organizaciones cristianas de España se unen a a la campaña !”

Download the press release in Spanish. Link to the website



– German Sunday Alliance:

Kommunikation und Kultur statt Kommerz und Konsum!

Download the press release in German. Link to the website



Parlamentarier und Sozialexperten fordern unbedingten Erhalt des Sonntagsschutzes

Download the press release in German. Link to the website


-Evangelische Kirche in Hessen und Nassau

„Wildwuchs bei Sonntagsarbeit stoppen“

Download the press release in German


-MEP Thomas Mann

Es gibt im Rahmen der Arbeitszeitrichtlinie  einige Gutachten, die sagen, dass sei EU-weit nicht zu regeln, da sind wir noch mitten im Diskussionsprozess. Doch wir müssen den Sonntag als freien Tag erhalten!

Link to the website



Austrian Sunday Alliance:

Der arbeitsfreie Sonntag als gemeinsamer Ruhetag ist wesentlicher Ausdruck des europäischen Sozialstaatsmodells und sollte daher auch in der Arbeitszeitrichtlinie verankert sein

Link to the website



Sunday Alliance Südtirol – Alto Adige:

Heute ist der Sonntagsschutz stark gefährdet. Zeitwohlstand ist das Ziel der  international tätigen Allianz für den arbeitsfreien Sonntag.

Download the press release in German and the Poster

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